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  L’Atelier H is driven by Hélène Martins.

   Hélène, named her business after her name. Hélène graduated thru the famous french  Upholstery School, BOULLE created in Paris in 1886.

   Hélène also got a master degree as art consultant at EAC (IDETH). She is consultant and expert in art objects. As of today, she is « Tapissier-Décorateur » (Upholsterer-Interior Decorator).

  As first jobs, Hélène worked in UK as windows-dresser for a famous chain-store.  In France, she improved her know-how thru miscelaneous places, some ranking and being listed as the best references in the profession.

  L’Atelier H has been founded in january 2004 at Givraines, Loiret, France and operate mainly in this area, Essonne, Paris and Paris suburbs. Should projects arise in other countries and depending on the business involved, intervention is possible.
   L’atelier H is widening its spectrum:
    - traditional upholsterer works (seats),
      respecting centenarian techniques,
    - decoration projects,
    - interior decoration consultancy,
    - furnitures (seats) designing,
    - use of 3D, CAD softwares for simulating
    - projects in partnerships...
    L’Atelier H takes great care to understand any detail and YOUR feeling about what your project means to you. We can meet you, depending on the type of your project, to evaluate your requests.
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