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3D Simulation...  
    You can run the video by clicking on the button here above on the right side of the title.
Shoul your Explorer stop running, make sure you have the proper parameters and codecs...
  If you have a sample of the fabric you want, it is possible to have a first feeling of the final result just by using 3D softwares. The only condition (to avoid excessive workload) is that  L’Atelier H must have on the shelves a model looking as close as possible to the real « seat » you have (this is a sine qua non condition).

  In this example, we selected the
following fabric sample and a
somewhat different « seat »...

...then, the seat looking close to yours is reupholstered graphicly so that to look like the one you have to « refresh »... It provides a first idea... More often than not, we have model looking strickly like the one you wish to modelize.

NOTA BENE : it is a simple simulation:
                   this simulation is a charged service.